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Last updated: 27 January 2022

Information on the use of cookies by RENOMIA, a. s. on the website

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You can modify the use of cookies on our website here.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files into which information can be stored from the individual websites that you visit. Websites can look at these files later to see, for example, which sites you've visited before, or whether you're logged in.

Cookies can be divided into “first-party cookies”, which are cookies that are stored when browsing a website, and they can then only be read by the website that stored them. In addition, the website may use the services of other sites, which then store their own cookies, known as “third-party cookies”.

Cookies are used to ensure the correct or user-friendly operation of most sites on the Internet. Our website stores this data directly on your browser. Most of this data is not stored as a file and is not sent over the Internet.

What types of cookies exist?

  • functionality cookies – enable the basic functionality of a site; the website cannot function without them. We can use these cookies without your consent;
  • analytic cookies – count website traffic and, by collecting anonymous statistics, allow a better understanding of visitors, which enables continual improvement of the site. We always require your prior consent to use analytic cookies;
  • marketing cookies – gather information to better tailor advertising to customers' interests, both inside and outside the website. As in the case of analytical cookies, your prior consent is required to use marketing cookies.

Why do we need this information?

Above all, this storage of information ensures the basic operation of our company's website. However, information about your visit to the site also allows us to improve our website content and our products. If this data was not collected, browsing the web would be more complicated and less clear. The stored data also enables us to offer you just the products that might really interest you. All information is used to improve your browsing experience on our website.

Using modern technology, we can also tailor the site to our existing customers, for example by pre-completing forms. Only you will see these adjustments. All information is fully secured.

When do we require consent to use cookies?

We always require consent to use cookies, unless they relate to a technical storage, to access solely for the purpose of transmitting a message through our website, or when it is required for the provision of a service you have explicitly requested. In connection with the use of our website, you will be requested to provide active and informed consent specifically with respect to the use of analytic and marketing cookies.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy an improved user experience when browsing our website, it is necessary that you enable us to use analytic and marketing cookies. In this case, we will ask you to actively check the box next to the appropriate cookie type. If you later want to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies, re-click the box next to the appropriate cookie type. If you do not want to permit any optional cookies from the beginning, do not check any box and by clicking the "Accept mandatory" button you agree to our basic settings, i.e. without consent to the use of marketing or analytic cookies.

When do we not require consent to the use of cookies?  

Your consent is not necessary in the case of “functionality cookies”, which are necessary for the basic functioning of the website, since ensuring the functioning of the website is a legitimate interest of our company. 

How do we use “third-party cookies”?

In certain cases, we also use the services of third parties in connection with the operation of our website – our partners who when providing their services install their own cookies. These are primarily services connected with analysis of traffic to our website, which allow us to optimize the website and create a more user-friendly environment.

With respect to third-party cookies, we use Google Analytics to analyse our website traffic. You can read the conditions for the use of Google Analytics here.

What are your rights regarding the processing of personal data?

You have a number of rights in connection with the processing of your personal data by our company, including through the use of cookies that may contain some of your personal data, i.e. data that lead or could lead to your direct or indirect identification (for example, information about a user's web request, IP address, browser type, browser date and request date and time).

A description of all your rights related to the processing of personal data can be found here:

Settings – i.e. how to enable, delete and otherwise manage cookies

As mentioned above, you can set the use of cookies on our website here.

In addition, the general settings for accepting cookies can usually be found in your browser in the "Options" or "Preferences" menu:

What specific cookies do we use?







This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. It is used to provide data about visitors, sessions, campaigns and to monitor the use of the website for analytical reporting. These cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.

2 years



This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. It is used to store information about how visitors use the site and to help generate an analytical report on how the site is performing. The data gathered, including the number of visitors, the source, and the pages, are displayed in an anonymous form.

1 day



This cookie is used to assign a user to a specific server, which ensures better and faster page download from the server. It remembers which server delivered the last page to the browser.

site visit, deleted after closing the browser



This file ensures balanced load performance of the servers on which the website is located.

site visit, deleted after closing the browser



This file saves the selected language setting of the website.

1 day



These cookies are installed by Google Universal Analytics to manage the request rate in order to limit the amount of data collected on high-traffic sites.

1 minute

Updating the document:

This cookie policy may from time to time be updated.

Whenever this cookie policy changes, we will change the "last updated" date at the top of this page. We recommend checking this page from time to time to be informed of any changes to this policy on the use of cookies or our other policies.