Get Together with VIG

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) and RENOMIA jointly organized the Get Together online session to discuss our regional cooperation and to exchange our experiences from 2020/2021. This was already the second session which all RENOMIA and VIG countries hosted for managerial and top-level attendees (around 70 attendees). We plan to keep organizing this event, which hugely contributes to strengthening our mutual relations.

Peter Höfinger, member of the Managing Board of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), presented the plans and vision of VIG for the coming years. VIG has left a significant footprint over the last several years (2011-2020) as they nearly doubled the volume of premiums (+621.4 m EUR / +98.8%). Apart from an update on the insurance market and news from RENOMIA, Head of Corporate Business Gerald Netal took us through a deeper dive into Business Interruption and RM as key tools for the Business Continuity Planning Lifecycle for corporate customers. REP partners can look forward to hear a more detailed presentation on BI & RM next year in the RENOMIA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY. At the end of the session, we cheered up with glasses of excellent Austrian wine which VIG kindly delivered to all attendees. We are constantly strengthening our partnership with one of the strongest regional players in our region. This unique event proves our strong relationship.