RENOMIA Inspiration & Breakfast with cancer prevention

Ever since the beginning of the Inspiration & Breakfast, one year ago, RENOMIA has been in a constant search for new, thrilling and relatable topics from all possible spheres. This week’s “morning talk show” however has hosted a very special guest.

RENOMIA has invited, for their employees a Czech leader in breast/testicular cancer prevention. Katerina Vackova has founded "Loono" after her cancer was diagnosed, when she was 22 years old. Ever since she has only focused on spreading the awareness and importance of selfexamination and ability to overcome the fear.

On the day of the Inspirational Breakfast, her only goal was to express the importance of the topic in the most respectful way, knowing the subject still may be a taboo for some.  "As much as we'd like to close our eyes and ignore the subject, a man cannot unsee the deadliness of such disease, that can mostly be overcome simply by a healthy self-awareness, at the right time," Dr. Katerina Vackova said during her presentation.

The main purpose of this specific meeting was presumably fulfilled, prevention doesn't have to be a scarecrow and Renomia is looking forward to meeting similarly motivated pioneers form all the fields to bring those stories to their employees.