RENOMIA enters Poland, strengthening its position in Central Europe

RENOMIA, the largest Czech insurance broker, is continuing its successful expansion by acquiring a majority stake in the Polish insurance broker Alfa Brokers. By entering the Polish market, which is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, RENOMIA GROUP confirms its strong position in the region. It now operates in 11 Central European countries with more than 100 million inhabitants.

"The goal of RENOMIA GROUP is to offer clients the most advantageous solutions to cover risks and provide them with services anywhere in the world, also thanks to our partnership with Gallagher. Just a few months after strengthening our position in Croatia, we are once again expanding our regional operations in Central Europe. I am very pleased that in connection with Alfa Brokers we are now entering the significant and promising Polish market. A number of domestic companies are successful, and, like RENOMIA, they are expanding their business beyond the borders of our country, and we are ready to accompany them. Our clients can access the best know-how and background of a global international network covering 140 countries around the world. Our development also gives our employees and partners the opportunity to use the background of an international company for their own personal development," says RENOMIA Director Jiřina Nepalová.

Alfa Brokers was founded in 1991 by the Gerne family in the Polish city of Toruń and works as a consultant in the field of corporate insurance, risk management, claims settlement, and employee benefits throughout Poland. The Alfa Brokers team consists of more than 30 very experienced professionals. Current CEO and partner Tomasz Chojnowski, who will participate in the further development of the promising Polish market, will continue as the company’s director.

Poland is a strategic market for RENOMIA. In the near future, RENOMIA plans to open an office in Warsaw and has an experienced team ready for this purpose.

"RENOMIA has prepared a long-term program that will support our further development in individual countries and in the group as a whole. Sharing experience, know-how, and technology with teams across countries allows us to provide clients with ever better and more comprehensive services. We believe that our mission, values, ​​and vision are a great inspiration for our work, which helps us to move forward successfully," says Pavel Nepala, RENOMIA's managing partner responsible for international development.

"We have agreed that RENOMIA will be the majority shareholder of Alfa Brokers. Our team and our clients will thus benefit from becoming part of the world's leading broker with a lot of expertise and resources, which will be combined with our more than 30 years of experience in the Polish market. The combination of our talented specialists and the global scale and reach RENOMIA, a partner of Gallagher, provides us with an excellent platform for the development of our services for clients and enables us to continue towards the future," says Tomasz Chojnowski, CEO of Alfa Brokers.

RENOMIA is a Czech family company with a minority international shareholder, the world's leading insurance company Gallagher, founded in 1927 in Chicago and belonging to the US Fortune 500. RENOMIA directly owns insurance brokerage companies in 11 countries and is a leader in a significant part of Europe, from the Baltic countries in the north to the countries of Southern Europe, most of whom are EU members. RENOMIA shareholders have also invested in technology companies, such as the technology start-up Agdata, which specializes in the digitalisation of agriculture. By purchasing a majority stake in GRANTEX subsidies, RENOMIA has expanded its offer to include professional services in the field of subsidies.

"We provide services to a number of Czech and regional companies doing business not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but worldwide. We not only represent RENOMIA to the world, but also the Czech Republic, where we have our headquarters for the entire CEE region. I want to thank our clients and colleagues who participate in this development every day," adds Jiřina Nepalová.