RENOMIA charity aktivity in 2019

In 2019, through Voice of the Heart, we have helped in 17 projects. As usual, we have donated financial means to the disabled children for the rehabilitation using the method of Therasuit. Small Lubos from Ostrava received a fund for the rehabilitation and compensation aids and disabled. Anett has been given a tablet, which eases up her work in school. Two grants have helped children in the children’s house with the educational activities and children with weak social skills were helped with the participation in the athletic camp. 

Another projects helped to customize the housings for the young – physically disabled in Brno, or to support the biathlon race, which was run to raise awareness of the epilepsy. For the second time we have also helped heavily disabled Peter with the cure of the stem cells and children in the Bratislava hospital and Nitra children’s home to ease up their visit. We also haven’t forgot about the mobile hospice in northern Moravia, where thanks to the donation from the Voice of the heart new respirator equipment was bought.

As usual during Christmas, employees from RENOMIA have collected gifts for children in the orphanage in Pyšely.

RENOMIA is also partner of the event named Teribear Moves Prague, organised by the Tereza Maxova Foundation. Charitable income is dedicated to children. „We are honoured to be supporting Teribear Moves Prague, and not just in the form of partnership, but also by insuring the whole of this unique fundraising event.“ Says Jiřina Nepalová, Company CEO