INSPIRATION & BREAKFAST shows the new ideas to our colleagues

Companies are coming up nowadays with new tools to encourage greater involvement of their employees, exchange of information and opinions. This is also why we created the new concept - INSPIRATION & BREAKFAST. After several successful breakfast sessions with online stream and life audience we have decided to make some pleasurable mornings also for our foreign branches and REP partners.

INSPIRATION & BREAKFAST is a concept of morning talk shows which provides our colleagues with the most attractive topics resonating in the today society, not only in the area of digitization. Experts from different fields are regularly explaining not just facts but also what's behind the curtain of the theme. Thanks to them we can have a deeper view of the trends while enjoying our morning coffee. Inspiration&Breakfast is also a platform for asking the questions and exchanging opinions.

The first international broadcasting was held 9th October and was hosted by Pavel Nepala, who joined the life stream from Brussels airport on his way to an international insurtech conference. Pavel explained RENOMIA´s approach toward new tools appearing in insurance industry and introduced colleagues from RENOMIA Digital Services Team. The main topic was the introduction of  the digital and innovative culture within RENOMIA GROUP and how we apply modern methods such as User Experience Design.

We plan to continue with this new morning concept to keep our colleagues “IN”. This activity supports RENOMIA Values as well as one of RENOMIA Strategy 2020 goal – the company with a brand that sets trends in their field. We believe that the new concept helps to create friendly company environment, attract young talents and at the same time supports the development of the services.