Future trends in motor insurance

Martin Kopecký, Motor and Fleeds Insurance Specialist for RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS, gave a large interview to Czech economic broadsheet.

Among the other things he talks also about the current trends and possible future of motor insurance which also reflect the general trend in the region::

  • Telematic units are on the rise in large vehicles such as trucks – highways are least dangerous so who travels mainly on highways get interesting bonuses
  • Mobile applications which monitor the driving style – how fast you go into the curves, how much and often you accelerate or brake. Based on the driving style you are assessed and then you can achieve bonus from the insurance company.
  • Other insurance companies let people to have more privacy and do not look at driving style or roads they take, but only evaluate how many km per year they travel. You just take photo of your tachometer.

Martin also mentioned the shared economics start-up called SmileCar for which RENOMIA was the consultant and prepared the tailor-made insurance for users of the service. You get your insurance only for the time when you rent the car and in case of accident the real owner of the car doesn’t lose any bonuses based on past safe driving.

(photocredit: Jan Mudra, Hospodarske noviny).