Day of the RENOMIA Values

RENOMIA GROUP celebrated on 12/12/2017 already fifth "Day of the RENOMIA Values".

At all of our branches we had a small celebration to commemorate the day in which we have introduced the values to all of our colleagues five years ago. We believe that our values help us to serve better the needs of our clients across the globe.

RENOMIA Values are:

  • Good Relationships

  • Reliability

  • Service
  • Development
  • Enthusiasm

We share these values with all the members of the RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS service platform, too, since these values are the main link which brought us together and in which all of us truly believe in. During the celebration our founder and director Jirina Nepalova gave at a Prague branch of RENOMIA a motivating speech about the importance of the values and later on we all discussed what was our biggest achievement in 2017 and set ourselves a challenging goal for the year 2018.